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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


01 Pebbles - Intro 00:12
02 Demarco - Rise to the Top 02:18
03 Serani - Tell You Lies 01:27
04 Daine Seville - Bossy Ladies 01:11
05 Fire Linx - Low Mi 00:57
06 Esco - Nah Sellout 01:16
07 Erup - Mek Dem Talk 01:17
08 Bugle - Doh Do Da Supm Deh 01:44
09 Elephant Man - Danceing Paradise 02:31
10 Buju Banton - Model Inna Dance 02:20
11 Mr. Easy - Long Jefity 01:07
12 Mr.. Chicken - Style 01:10
13 Mr. Lex - All Dem Type 01:16
14 Delly Ranx - Living Ok 01:07
15 Lady Saw - Broke A Neck 01:41
16 Elephant Man - it Good 02:16
17 Don Mafia - Form No Good 01:06
18 Harry Toddler - Celli 01:17
19 Lady G - Hands Up Deh 01:41
20 Opal - Got it Bad 00:55
21 Teflon - Cah Tame Me 00:57
22 Tina Nunez Fea Terro 3000 - Without Your Love
23 Macka Diamond - Wine Up 01:05
24 Monster Shack - How She Wine 01:16
25 Maxi Priest - Never Judge 01:40
26 Merciless - War 00:48
27 Mr. Easy - What 01:09
28 Munga - Gangsta Forever 01:19
29 Mad Cobra - Nuh Fraid 01:04
30 Spragga Benz - Magazine 01:30
31 Vybz Kartel - Send Fi Di Magazine 02:19
32 Movado - Bad Wi Up 02:04
33 Movado - So Blessed 03:56
34 Vybz Kartel - Dem A No Gangster 01:18
35 Wasp and Don Corleon - Deh Deh Wid 01:37
36 Munga - Fi Free 01:39
37 Elephant Man - Real God Father 02:40
38 Elephant Man - Dem Ago Get 02:03
39 Einstein - No Lil One Minute 01:36
40 Wayne Marshall - Tonight 01:21
41 Da Jay Assasin - Thank You Lord 01:34
42 Elephant Man - Dancing Ring 01:58
43 Elephant Man - No Tikkle 01:35
44 Lady Saw - Jealous 01:04
45 Leftside - I Love You 01:26
46 Leftside Aka Mr. Evil - Cowboy 01:05
47 Sample - Kotch 01:04
48 Shano - Ulele 00:43
49 Timberlee Ft. Tosh - Sexy in My Heels 01:41
50 Elephant Man - Touch the Floor 01:16
51 Erup Mario Garrison - So High 01:23
52 Munga - Regular Basis 01:27
53 Vybz Kartel - Million by A Morning 01:25
54 Charly Black - Bubble Pon Me 01:37
55 Charly Black - Bad Man 01:13
56 Robin Thicke - Magic Rmx Reggae 02:00
57 Serani - Wine My Girl 01:48

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