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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected And MKW Presents: 50 Cent - The Undertaker

1. (00:03:35) 50 Cent - "Crossing Him Is A Grave Mistake"
2. (00:01:58) 50 Cent - The Year That Changed His Life
3. (00:01:14) 50 Cent - Growing To Be Rap's MVP
4. (00:03:35) 50 Cent - The Only Solution(Featuring Notorious B.I.G)
5. (00:01:27) 50 Cent - Is A Hustler's Dream For Success(Featuring Marvin Gaye)
6. (00:03:27) 50 Cent - Bringing "Reefer Madness"(Featuring Barry White, KRS One, Channel Live & Jigsy King)
7. (00:01:07) 50 Cent - But Don't Get Caught Up As A Suspect(Featuring Tony Yayo)
8. (00:00:55) 50 Cent - The DJ Saved My Life
9. (00:01:07) 50 Cent - He Ain't No Regular Joe
10. (00:02:38) 50 Cent - I'm A 134th Street Allstar(Unreleased Freestyle)
11. (00:00:51) 50 Cent - And I'm Realer On The Streets(Than I Am On Wax)
12. (00:03:13) 50 Cent - I Showed These Rappers "How To Rob"
13. (00:01:00) 50 Cent - You Cannot Kill Me
14. (00:03:58) 50 Cent - Though Many Men Wished Death Upon Me
15. (00:02:46) 50 Cent - What Is A Wanksta?
16. (00:02:10) 50 Cent - Real Men Don't Back Down
17. (00:02:55) 50 Cent - Or Your Life Will Be On The Line
18. (00:01:19) 50 Cent - I Rock Wilder Than The Average(Unreleased Freestyle)
19. (00:00:46) 50 Cent - That's Me (The Releast In The Streets)
20. (00:00:46) 50 Cent - I Gave You The Game
21. (00:02:12) 50 Cent - But He's Not Rich (And Still Lying)
22. (00:01:20) 50 Cent - Where In The World Is Camron?
23. (00:02:16) 50 Cent - He's At His Funeral
24. (00:00:15) 50 Cent - His Career Is Dead
25. (00:04:06) 50 Cent - Cuz I Put A Hollow Thru Him(Featuring Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)
26. (00:02:30) 50 Cent - Last Time You Fuck With My "Piggy Bank"
27. (00:00:12) 50 Cent - You Two Must Be "Part Time" Lovers
28. (00:01:49) 50 Cent - Too Bad Your Daddy Can't Make A Hit
29. (00:00:32) 50 Cent - You Wan't Me To Die Ugly?
30. (00:02:36) 50 Cent - Nigga, Now I'm On Your Heels
31. (00:00:27) 50 Cent - Talk About My Baby Moms?
32. (00:02:27) 50 Cent - Now I'm Going To Fuck Up Your Life For Fun
33. (00:03:33) 50 Cent - Plus You Won't Believe What Tia Told Me
34. (00:01:11) 50 Cent - Even Your Man Knows Your A Fraud
35. (00:02:41) 50 Cent - Bringing The "Heat" To Any Battle
36. (00:00:42) 50 Cent - Cuz You Gonna Get "Shot Down"
37. (00:01:37) 50 Cent - Now Your "Bloodclot Mouth" Is Permantely Shut
38. (00:01:25) 50 Cent - I Get Money (Money I Got)
39. (00:02:30) 50 Cent - You Know I Get It In
40. (00:01:12) 50 Cent - Cuz I Aint Never Gonna Fall Off
41. (00:00:49) 50 Cent - Signed, "The Nigga You Love To Hate

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